ePlatform App

The new ePlatform app is your ticket to unlock the world of eBooks and Audiobooks.

It's quick, simple and free to set up. Within minutes you'll be able to read or listen to your library titles anywhere, any time, on most devices.

Even if you're offline, the ePlatform app is the quickest and easiest way to borrow and read eBooks as well as listen to Audiobooks on your iPad, Galaxy, Windows tablet or other tablet/mobile device - without downloading any additional software.

Just log in once and begin reading or listening; when you exit, your place is automatically bookmarked and you can begin where you stopped with just one click.

Download the ePlatform App

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Features and Benefits

The ePlatform app offers you the most engaging and enjoyable eBook reading experience. Why?

  • No need for additional reader software
  • full-screen reading mode
  • Many ways to customize how eBooks are displayed - font style, font size, background colour, character/line spacing
  • Settings for dyslexia and night time reading
  • One click access to eBooks you're reading
  • Your eBooks are available even after you've disconnected from the internet
  • Features such as highlighting sections of text, adding notes, dictionary, thesaurus and links to Google search results for selected words

The ePlatform app also offers you a very convenient and appealing Audiobook listening experience. Why?

  • No need for additional audio software
  • Ability to download Audiobooks, so you can listen to them even when offline
  • One click access to Audiobooks you're currently listening to
  • Ability to browse while listening to your Audiobook



For a richer reading or listening experience, download the ePlatform app from your favourite app store now and explore a whole world of eBooks and Audiobooks.

Other Devices

Kindle Fire HD/HDX

We have updated our ePlatform App and it is available on the Amazon Store.


Note that the standard Kindle (non-"Fire" version) does not currently support library eBook formats.

Review our general Apps page for more options.